Colors, whistles, and crackles! Oh my! Fountains have been a favorite in the pyrotechnic world since the early start of fireworks. They are known for their bright, vivid colors and their duration. Fountains are a sure way to keep the kids entertained without the loudness of some of the bigger fireworks that we do offer. Fountains come in a variety of shapes and sizes – some as elaborate as our big Fiery Fortress and others as traditional as the Cone Fountain that we offer. Much like cakes, fountains are measured by the amount of powder that each contains – 200 grams and 500 grams. The higher the grams,  the longer the fountain can last. The combination of effects in fountains is seemingly endless. One of our most unique fountains that we offer in our store is the Pure Fantasy fountain. Made from one of our most respected manufacturers, Brothers Pyrotechnics, this fountain is one-of-a-kind where it emits three giant bursts of crackling chrysanthemums nearly 20 feet into the air! Most fountains on average will spray upwards anywhere from three feet to about ten feet. With their nature being similar to that of a water fountain – just instead of water its sparkles of colorful fire, fountains are a must-have to start a great night of fun!

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