Saturn Missiles

If there is any type of consistently loud firework that we have in our store, it is without a doubt the saturn missile batteries. These plastic-missiles encase a whistling-mix of a pyrotechnic composition that causes the missiles to screech to the sky with a report. Missiles come in a variety of sizes, each with a different amount of shot-counts. The most common saturn missile battery typically has 100-missiles in it. Each missile will have a visible pop once they reach their maximum height in the night sky. At our store we have several different variations of missiles, ranging from the standard “whistle-and-pop” to effects that are similar to that of a small artillery shell. One of the most popular number of missiles that are fused together in a single firework, are the 300-shot missiles. For what seems like hours, this fast-paced battery can add multiple layers of effects to your finale of your firework display. This is also a great way to entertain the kids and get more “bang” for your buck.

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