Some come with a scream and a crackle, others come with a swish and a colorful burst, but nobody can mistake the bottle rocket. These classic fireworks have been around since the early decades of the 20th century. While at first they were commonly used only in China, they were later imported across the world and have become a traditional must-have in the world of fireworks. Most are familiar with the basic whistle and pop (report) bottle rockets, but as the popularity of them grew many other effects transcended into the rocket world. Our store has over twenty different styles of rockets with various amounts of effects and colors. Bottle rockets are the most referred rocket when it comes to the realm of these high-flying pyrotechnics. These are the classic style “rocket with report”, that have the inadvertent pop at the end of their duration. However, through the years the boundaries of rockets were pushed further and further along into what is now known as sky rockets. Sky or “display” rockets have a performance instead of the usual pop-like effects of the more common bottle rocket. The sky rockets have a multitude of colors and effects that can be mistaken for the more familiar bursts that you would see with re-loadable artillery shells or any aerial cake. That being said, the way rockets are constructed can cause serious injury if handled incorrectly. The actual firework itself is held onto a “guiding stick” where the rocket stabilizes itself in flight to its soaring heights. The stick’s length and weight are chosen in order to achieve this. Rockets are a great way to start off your pyrotechnic night and a sure way to get a wide range of effects that can bedazzle your audience!

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