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Aerial cakes are typically a box shaped firework made of multiple pre-loaded tubes of fireworks which launch into the air and explode. Light one fuse and a series of small shells are sent skyward and light up the sky with amazing color and sounds. The number of grams are used as the identifier to represent the overall size of the firework. A 200 gram cake has no more than 200 total grams of combustible powder for the lift charge, break charge and stars. Using the size classification the separate the is handy and a common way to determine what to expect in the overall size of the duration and performance.

Although they are typically smaller than their predecessor the 500 gram cake, 200 & 350 Gram Aerial Cakes offer the same variety of performance of most of our bigger cakes. Much like the legal consumer maximum loaded 500-Gram cakes, the 200-gram cakes are also broken down into two major categories in our store – “angled” and “straight-up”. The concept is also the same with a powerful performance with just the light of a single fuse. These bursts and effects however are not as big as what you would find in a 500-gram cake. This comes from the fact that these pyrotechnic devices are only loaded with 200 grams of powder as opposed to the 500-grams.

Many people will usually shoot multiple 200-gram cakes in order to get a more “varied finale effect” in their displays. 200-gram cakes are just as great to shoot because of their intricate effects. In more recent years after the creation of 200-gram cakes, manufacturers also came up with the advancement of making a 350-gram cake – one step closer to getting a more similar effect to the actual 500-gram cakes.

If you are limited in your space to shoot things that go into the air, the 200 or 350 gram class of cake may be better suited to your celebration.

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