Some come in boxes, some in bags, others are packaged in trays, but assortments are definitely the way to go when you are in a quick rush! During the Fourth of July season our store gets pretty busy and chaotic and the easiest way for some is to just grab an assortment! We offer assortments that have very kid-friendly fireworks all the way to 500-gram cakes – it just comes down to what kind of cool bangs you want! The great thing about assortments is that it is a sure way to guarantee you get a firework from each of the categories that we offer!

Our assortments are pre-packaged but let’s say you still want to have certain fireworks that don’t come in the assortment. If you tell us a price point, our team can help you get the most out of your money without going over budget. We specialize in knowing what fireworks work well together and we can help you pick out a fun filled night’s worth of pyrotechnic goodies! It’s a sure way you can get the type of fireworks you want as opposed to what comes in a pre-packaged assortment. Our biggest assortment, the Brothers Container Load, contains everything from novelty-like fireworks to the big 500-gram aerial cakes. We highly recommend that if you want a quick fix of fun and don’t feel like shopping around at the sometimes overwhelming amount of products we do offer, grab an assortment kit!

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