Boom! These small explosives are designed to produce the most sound and a large amount of noise in the form of a loud “crack” or “bang”. Firecrackers originated in China dating back as far as 200 B.C. In traditional Chinese culture it was used to ward off evil spirits. As our older generation was growing up, they had what was known as M-80s and cherry bombs. Due to the dangerous nature of these powerful forms of firecrackers in 1966, the United States outlawed them. It was then decided that any firecracker containing over 50 milligrams of flash powder would be considered illegal in the 1970s.

With the still heavy desire to find legitimate M-80s, many consumer stores that sell consumer fireworks have branded some of their firecrackers as “M-100s”, “M-1000s”, “M-60s” and many other names. These firecrackers typically are wrapped in cardboard to make them appear much larger than what they actually are. Our store sells many unique styles of firecrackers, some being the ever popular “wheels” that come in rolls of 1000, 8000, and 16,000 firecrackers that are all fused together for one seemingly never-ending amount of bangs. We also have firecrackers that have waterproof fuses that were specifically designed to detonate underwater.

However, the question we hear the most from our customers is what specifically is the loudest firecracker we have? While we cannot legally sell any M-80s or other explosive devices of that magnitude, we do have one firecracker that we recommend and that is the Happy Bomb. The Happy Bomb is a huge cluster of firecrackers that are fused to go off almost simultaneously with an echoing crunch. While this is the best alternative legally to get your loud sound, no firecracker can be sold in the consumer market
that has the power of an original M-80.

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