500 Grams

500 Grams! A word that is known for the biggest and the best. The term “500-Gram” derives from that being the highest legal limit of powder inside of a single-lit firework. The simplicity sparks the popularity of this variation of a firework. By lighting just one fuse you can stand back and watch a series of timed shots and barrages that will put on their own “display”. Cakes are a must-have when it comes to setting on your own pyrotechnic display. With this being one of the more diverse categories of consumer fireworks – we decided to break down the category even further into “angled” and “straight-up” aerial cakes. The “straight-up” cakes are what many people think of as soon as they hear the words “500-Grams”.

Although they come in an abundance of shapes and sizes the concept of lighting a single-fuse and watching its performance still remains the same. The angled cakes are known for their ability to burst across the sky, rather than those that burst “straight-up” into the sky. Because of this effect angled cakes are one of the most sought after products at our store. Our store offers a variety of over 110 different types of 500-Gram Aerial Cakes. We also have 3-inch cakes that will perform very similar to the ones you would see at a local county fair, baseball game, or church picnic. These 3-inch cakes can produce bursts that will detonate several hundred feet into the air! So if you’re looking for big and loud, 500-gram cakes are definitely something to look at!

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