Artillery Shells

As the most popular category of firework in our store, artillery shells are considered by some to be the pinnacle of fireworks. Artillery shells are known for their height, bursts, and sounds in the world of pyrotechnics. Artillery shells have two pieces that make up these unique fireworks – a tube and the artillery shell itself. Each shell kit that we sell will have a tube (sometimes multiple ones depending on the number of shells) and the artillery shells. You place the shell into the tube and have the fuse sticking out of the top of the tube –this will be where you ignite the artillery shell.

We sell the two major variations of these shells – the ball shell and the canister shell. Ball shells were the original artillery shells, composed of a ball (containing powder for the burst you see in the sky) and a cylindrical piece that the ball sits on. The cylinder piece is where the artillery shell gets its “lift” where it will shoot from the tube and up into the sky before the ball part bursts covering the sky with colored stars.

Canister shells are just cylinder-versions of a ball shell that can actually contain more powder inside of them making for a bigger burst in the sky. Our pride and joy in our store is the 60-gram shells, which are the biggest ones that we can legally sell. They are commonly known across the firework world as Excalibur shells, Exterminator shells, and many other names.

We also have another type of shell that we call a “peanut” shell, because of its shape. While you treat this shell like any other shell – placing it in the tube and igniting the fuse, the unique thing about these peanut shells is the amount of bursts that they can actually carry. We have peanut shells that range from double-break shells all the way to quad-break shells. It’s a fun and safe way to have multiple bursts in the sky with using one shell. Many people will use these peanut shells for their finale to add to the number of bursts in the sky. Shells have an endless amount of effects and we are sure that if there is a certain color or effect you like, you will definitely find it within this popular firework category!

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