The universal firework that every family can enjoy! Sparklers are sought out everywhere for many varied purposes including weddings, graduation ceremonies, and funerals. We have two different types of sparklers here in our store, traditional wire-sparklers and the safer bamboo-style sparklers. Bamboo sparklers are made from bamboo and therefore the stick holding the sparkler won’t be too hot to touch afterwards. However because of the type of wood, they can be a little bit more of a challenge to light. Once lit, the bamboo sparklers are just as much fun as the traditional wire-sparklers. The chemical composition of the sparkler will determine the color of the sparkler. The most common color of sparklers are gold, however we sell many different colors.

As well as being able to produce a variety of colors sparklers can also come in different sizes. Traditional sparklers are 10-inches in length and will last anywhere from 40-50 seconds. We sell sparklers at our store that are actually three feet in length and can last anywhere from a minute or longer. The enormity of these sparklers makes them a kid favorite! Another unique form of a sparkler comes in the form of a what is known as a morning glory. Morning glory sparklers are wrapped in a special type of paper that will actually change the color of the sparkler as its burning. Because of this colorful effect, morning glory sparklers are one of our biggest sellers!

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