Roman Candles

Although illegal in some states, roman candles are legal to shoot in Kentucky. It is one of the more traditional fireworks where one or more balls of light called “stars” emit from a tube. Pretty basic sounding at first, but in our store you will notice that there are different sizes of tubes and because of this the effects with each, vary. We have a style of “pixie-stick” sized candles that will shoot small stars that will only reach about ten feet into the air. Of course, as you get into bigger candles, the effects also become more elaborate. The next size up is what most people are familiar with in terms of roman candles. The effects with these candles range from some that have flashing tails to some that end with a loud report very similar to that of a large bottle rocket. While this does make up the bulk of our selection we do have two more types that are even larger!

As you get into the roman candles that are ¾ of an inch in diameter, you begin to see the stars shoot much higher into the sky. Height isn’t the only thing that makes these candles unique, but the effects almost identical to that of small artillery shells are these roman candles crowning glory. Our largest roman candles are the most popular of our roman candles and once you see them, you will know why! Whether it be from the enormity of their size (some being almost three feet in length) or from the large black spike at the opposite end of the fuse. These candles emit stars that can shoot nearly 100 feet into the air. The shot count in these candles range from 140 to 200 shots which is a quite a large amount of stars! One of the biggest misconceptions about roman candles is the thought that you are supposed to hold them in your hand upon lighting them. With safety being one of our top priorities at our store, we highly discourage anyone to hold any firework in their hand unless specified otherwise. Roman candles are like any other firework, and there is the chance it could misfire and you don’t want to be holding onto one if that happens! Placing them inside of a tube or into the ground is the preferred method in using a roman candle. That way you can watch as the colorful stars shoot up into the air to light up the night sky!

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