Biggest year ever!

2020 is only a couple months old but is shaping up to be possibly the most exciting year ever for America's Thunder Fireworks. The 4th of July falls on a Saturday this year and we have been working non-stop since last July to prepare.

We sort through thousands of options.

Our team spends months doing research to find the best fireworks to offer. There are literally hundreds of fireworks brands, each offering a mind-numbing number of choices. What most consumers don't realize is that brands are just names, not actual manufacturers. Each brand orders from factories for the recipe for the items they produce. This leads to hundreds of fireworks re-wraps. A re-wrap is a firework with the same exact performance with the only difference being the label. Different brand and different label but the same exact performance from the same exact factory. That's it, the label is the only difference!

The technology for fireworks is thousands of years old, but this year, the combinations and designs are truly better than ever. There really aren't a huge number of different effects to choose from when making fireworks. If you think of the effects as ingredients of food, all the factories use pretty much the same grocery to create their menu. The fireworks chefs are getting really creative and mixing things up to make some amazing items.

To make heads or tails of all the options, we keep a giant, ever-growing spreadsheet of our findings. Hundreds of hours are spent watching videos from vendors. Of the thousands of items, we narrowed it down to 488 items to consider. From there we scrutinize, discuss, debate and sometimes even argue over which ones will make the cut. This process is particularly hard since our store is only so big and can only hold so much. With each new thing, we have to let something else go. We are confident the new stuff is way better than the old go-aways. We are sure you will agree.

You ordered how many?!??!?

In prior years, we have ended up choosing as few as a dozen to offer as new choices for our customers. In 2019, we thought we went overboard with 53 new items. This year, we went bonkers in how many we picked to bring in. 94! We ordered 94 new things! Since we import everything we sell, typically it takes 6-10 months for our orders to be made and shipped to us. Corona (Covid-19) virus has wreaked havoc on the manufacturing ability for all of China. The fireworks manufacturing industry has been shut down for months. This might mean we don't see all of these new items actually delivered in time for the 2020 4th of July celebration. Luckily, some have been delivered already. Production is ramping back up quickly but the industry has a giant question mark of what can be accomplished.

How you get to see what's coming.

Usually, we don't usually put new items on our site until we have them in hand and ready to sell. We don't want to disappoint by teasing. We may reconsider that since we are so excited to share. For now, if you want to see the new things we have chosen for this year, they are available to watch on our in-store kiosks. We would be happy to show you on our big screens as well, just ask. Come see us and be amazed.

One thought on “Biggest year ever!

  1. tyler says:

    This is Outstanding news to hear wow 94 brand new never seen before fireworks i hope you all stock a mix of Classic brothers new brothers classic to new dominators and really hope to see more winda i wish i could have stuff special ordered but i dont think its possible.

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