Cabin Fever!!!

Have fun in the snow

We know that this week has definitely brought some of us to our breaking point with the winter season. However we know the perfect solution to making more fun out of the cold, snowy weather – FIREWORKS! Roman candles, artillery shells, fountains, and aerial cakes are just some of the many ways you can have a little more fun with your family and friends.
Fireworks in the snow? Yeah, we know that question is always going to be the first to run through your mind but think about it – it’s the safest time of the year for it. While the ground and other structures are covered in snow, fireworks have less chance of actually burning anything. Although the chances of fires are greatly reduced – you still want to take extra precaution when lighting your fireworks. Allow yourself enough time to get away from the fireworks by making sure you have a clear path not covered with ice or snow.

Fireworks are a great way to burn your cabin fever away. Not only is it considerably safer, due to the time of the year it gets darker at an earlier time than in the summer months. That way you don’t have to wait so late to get to enjoy the fun of pyrotechnics.

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