A note about new items

All the amazing products here are what we have planned to offer this year. The crazy messed up shipping situation the world faces is felt here too. If the product you like on this page says out of stock, it means we haven't received it yet. Production and shipping challenges may prevent some items from coming in. We stay on top of this as best we can and update this site the moment we have news. 

In the past we didn't list products here until we knew they were on the way to us. This year we are changing it up to help you plan better. Some "out of stock" things here may not come in by the 4th of July but most will. No need to call and ask, we keep this updated. Out of stock item prices are subject to change since freight costs are so volatile.

Check out our new for 2022 items. Our most exciting additions yet. We only bring in new items that make us say "Why don't we offer that?&#34 Keep an eye on this page as we have tons of great new stuff planned. As we are confirmed to have products on the way we will add them to this list. If you want a preview, come to the store and we will show you in person.

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