Check out our new for 2024 items. Some of these things that we had planned to be new for 2023 but were not able to be produced in time for the 2023 4th of July. We only bring in new items that make us say, “Why don’t we offer that?” Other Items may be added to this list over the coming months.


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  • Alamo

  • ATF

  • Blast Wave

  • Bright Star

  • Brothers

  • Dominator

  • Dominator Pro

  • Dominator Pro Level

  • Ignite

  • Inked Pyro

  • Keystone

  • King Bird

  • Lidu

  • Linked Triad

  • Machine Made

  • Mad Ox

  • Megabanger

  • Pyro High

  • Pyro Packed

  • Raccoon

  • T-Sky

  • Wild Dragon

  • Winda