Why don’t you do the BOGO?


The truth behind the marketing gimmick

When in your life have you ever really gotten anything for free? Truly, one of the most difficult things for our staff is fixing the brainwashing that has been programmed into almost every consumer. This is especially true in the fireworks world.
Buy one get one(or more) free….The old firework shop ploy of letting you think you’re getting something for free when in reality you ARE paying for it. At America’s Thunder Fireworks, we do not use the retail BOGOF illusion. We just sell the fireworks at less than the price it would cost you to buy a single or multiple pieces anywhere else. So we save you from getting two of the same fireworks when you only wanted one to start with!
We have to give credit to the other companies who have absolutely mastered the art of this game; they are extremely talented in this regard. BOGO is not always a bad deal. When a retailer is closing out an old model, moving old inventory they might take less profit to get you to buy and stimulate sales of something less desirable. But when the season is in full swing, fireworks retailers have learned to use the psychology of getting something free to increase their average sale. Think about it, why else would they “give the product away” when the demand is the highest? Many even raise the prices around the Fourth of July. It’s a classic “grab the money and run” scenario. Why else would hundreds of tents open just in time and close the minute you are gone?
We built our business on the idea of honesty and integrity. Letting our customers buy just what they want and not making you buy things just to inflate our average sale amount is simply the right way to do business. The fireworks retail market is definitely one that has a very busy season. Actually about 90% of our customers only see us in one week out of the year. While celebrating our nations independence on the Fourth of July with fireworks is a time-honored tradition, the fact remains fireworks are fun all year long. We want to help you celebrate or play any time of the year and would rather have you come see us for any occasion: Birthdays, graduations, vacations, hanging out with family and friends or for no other reason than fireworks are fun and exciting. We believe that life is worth celebrating all year long we want you to have no reason to go anywhere else to get the best fireworks for the best prices.
For example other shops offer a 500 gram aerial cake for $199 buy one get one free….Work it out ..You come to us to buy just the same cake and pay just $69 and get what you want. Of course, if you want to buy two, it’s only $138! We just price the fireworks right to start.

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